E Mei Mountain Workers

Thank you for supporting me on my first published book, The Unforgettable Adventure.

I really appreciate it. I would like you to know that a portion of my profit will go towards helping the workers at E Mei Mountain.

I visited China in June of 2018. We went sightseeing at E Mei Mountain. I was very impressed by the workers. They carried cement, bricks, or stones in large woven baskets for construction at the top of the mountain.

These people work all day, toiling up the steep stairs, walking from about 800 meters all the way up to 3,000 meters, which is the summit of the mountain. How much they carry depends on their strength. On average, they carry about two hundred pounds on their back. They earn 10¢ in Chinese money for each pound they carry to the top.  That’s about 20 Chinese Yuan per trip, which is less than $3 in U.S. money.

Carrying 200 pounds, climbing very steep stairs (about a 75 degree ascent) for over 1.4 miles, they only earn less than $3. Some of them are able to make up to twelve trips a day by working from dawn till dusk.

As tourists go by on their way to visit a temple at the top, the workers stop and stand/rest in the middle of the path. They can’t even sit down. Their eyes follow you as you pass them.

These people are begging for money from you. They have lost all sense of dignity for the sake of survival. They must also support their family.

Being there, seeing it all, is heartbreaking. I can’t possibly begin to use words to describe it. But I have seen it.

I want to help them. And with your assistance, it has happened.

       Thank you,

 Sophia Zhong